My name is Dan Bennett. A 25 year old Music Producer.

I live in a town called Telford. I’m a bit of a geek. I work in the computing industry, mostly doing Moodle, Apache & CentOS stuff… But I also do music things.
In music, I mostly do UK Hardcore, but I also dabble in a bit of other random genres like Trance, Acoustic, House and Poppy weirdness things.

“Why is your artist name your actual name? EDM doesn’t have this”

Because I don’t just do one Genre and different names for different genres I do would do my absolute head in. I hate it when others do it.
I’m just me. I do music and I don’t care what genre it is in. And hopefully, nor will you!

This is a really awful “Introduction” so far, isn’t it?

I’m a nice person mostly. I’m friendly – sometimes over friendly – and I love a good laugh/sarcasm.

On here, you can find my blog. There, I post about things I like and things that are on my mind. They can be quite ranty and may contain swear words…

I’d love to hear from you, though! Do come and drop by on Twitter where I’m @DanBennett